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Behaviour & Uniform

Students are encouraged to develop self-discipline, demonstrate acceptable behaviour and show tolerance and respect to others all the time.

We believe that promoting good behaviour is the responsibility of all members of the Academy’s community, including students, teachers and parents.

One of the ways in which we promote the right standards and behaviour is through our uniform policy. The Governors, Staff and Students of The Boulevard Academy believe that uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of The Academy and helps to promote a good working environment.

Students are expected to arrive at the Academy and leave the premises in full school uniform.

Uniform Policy Update for September 2022

Following the closing of the uniform survey sent out in May to current and future parents, and with the input of our student council, a clear decision has been made on the proposed changes to the Uniform Policy for September 2022.


We asked you if you would like blazers and ties swapped out for Boulevard logo jumpers and polo shirts. The results of the jumper/blazer question are as follows. Approximately 40% of participants in the survey indicated they would like to retain the blazer, shirt and tie as they like the professional style and look. 60% indicated they would prefer the lower price solution of a Boulevard branded or unbranded jumper instead of the blazer.

From September 2022 you can select either:

  • A Boulevard blazer (these can be sourced from Rawcliffes who remain our uniform supplier)

  • A Boulevard black jumper (also sourced from Rawcliffes)

  • A plain black jumper (available from most major supermarkets. V-neck or round-neck jumpers are permitted. Please note grey is no longer permitted but if your child currently owns a grey jumper, it will be permitted until it needs replacing.)


No other jumper should be worn, with no other logos. Hoodies remain banned and sanctions will be issued to those that continue to wear them.
All children should continue to wear a shirt and tie. After your feedback the majority of you indicated you would like to retain the shirt and tie. White shirts do not need to be branded.
Boulevard ties can be sourced from Rawcliffes.
Smart black Trousers and tailored shorts remain as the only item’s children can wear.

Uniform Option 1

Shoes: Parents have voted overwhelmingly to allow black trainers as part of our uniform citing comfort and cost (no longer having to purchase two pairs of footwear). We are pleased to announce that from September any flat all black shoes or trainers can be worn. Any footwear that is not all black is not permitted.

Uniform Shoes Option

You can read the updated Uniform Policy here: Uniform Policy

The Boulevard Academy is committed to supporting all of our students. If you are experiencing financial hardship please do speak to the student’s Head of Year and we will do our very best to support you.

Copies of our Behaviour and Uniform policies are available on the policies page.

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