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Ethos and Values

Vision & Values


Our Mission Statement – what are we trying to achieve?

To work with all our students to assist them to develop the high expectations, academic and life skills that will best help them to be successful. Fostering personal confidence and happiness, we will challenge students to take responsibility for building a better world for the next generation.

Our Vision & Ethos

We demand the very highest standards from our students and staff. In return, we expect all students to gain the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to be able to progress beyond the age of 16 to further and higher education, training and employment at the level to which they can aspire.

Our students will leave the Academy well equipped in the life skills that they will need to be successful in whatever pathway they choose.

Our Principles – How will we get there?

  • We will ensure every child achieves, no matter what their starting point.

  • We will set high expectations and create a culture of success to ensure the best outcomes for all.

  • Our teaching will ensure academic achievement as well as developing a positive attitude to succeed in all students.

  • All parents and students will be expected to participate fully in the Academy experience and actively support the Academy in its mission.

  • The right people make the difference; we will select only the best staff to work with and for our students.

  • We will demonstrate the joy of learning and the importance of community.

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