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EAL (English as an Additional Language)





We work with students and their parents/carers to make it possible for every young person to participate fully in their education and to secure strong academic progress and personal outcomes and to enable individual students to learn effectively with greater independence.


At The Boulevard Academy, we have both staff and students that have English as an Additional Language (EAL) and we love the diversity that this brings. With over thirty languages spoken at The Boulevard Academy, as well as over forty different ethnicities, we believe this provides a true multicultural environment.

With such a diverse student body, we understand that some students may need more support with their language skills than others. At The Boulevard Academy, this is provided with the support of our EAL department, who offer a range of one to one, small group and in class support. Together, we can make sure every student has what they need to succeed.


During the admission process to the Academy, we assess student’s EAL needs, and previous schooling in English. All EAL learners are tested when they join the school and are given a range of EAL support depending on their English ability. Students who are new to English, or in the early stages of English comprehension, will be enrolled within our EAL classroom. Here, they will receive an intense one term induction to English programme. During their time spent in the EAL classroom, students will engage with a range of English grammar, vocabulary and phonics activities, each planned by the department. These students also receive support with settling into the school and building friendship groups. This ensures that students are prepared for all aspects of school when they begin their mainstream timetable.


After a term, students are assessed again before beginning the transition to mainstream lessons, where they will still continue receiving one to one support. Regular training and support is engaged in by all staff to share ideas of best practice, in order to promote the learning and progress of EAL learners in the classroom.


The EAL provision in school supports principles of inclusion and bilingualism, whereby students of all social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, have the right to access the curriculum and engage in all aspects of school life. It is essential to ensure all EAL students make the same good progress as others. All languages and cultures are valued equally at The Boulevard Academy.


EAL Support is provided in the following ways:


EAL Inclusion Programme

Students who are new to English, or newly developing English, are enrolled within our EAL inclusion room for one term. This set programme provides intense support in English, ensuring students are prepared for mainstream classes.

In Class Support

EAL students are supported in their mainstream classes by members of the EAL department. This support includes individual strategies to help support progress, as well as suggested support for teaching staff to use within their lessons. Members of the department also provide one to one support in lessons.

Support from mainstream teachers

Our teaching staff are committed to providing EAL students the best opportunity to succeed in every subject. Teaching staff work collaboratively with the EAL department to ensure they can access a range of teaching and learning strategies designed to support EAL students. These resources allow teaching staff to deliver accessible lessons for everyone and provide a supportive learning environment whereby all students can achieve their potential. Staff also partake in regular training through INSET sessions, professional development and continuous discussions, which provides support and guidance on how to best support EAL learners.

Monitoring and Evaluation of EAL Student Progress

To ensure progress is being made, targeted EAL students are regularly assessed and targets are set alongside the Assessment Framework from the Bell Foundation. Student progress is monitored by a member of the EAL department on a frequent basis.

EAL Adult Class

We provide weekly sessions after school, for parents and carers who want to learn or improve their English.

If we think a student would benefit from having some extra support from our EAL department, we will always discuss this with you. If you think your child needs this support then please contact the Academy.

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