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Survey Feedback

Pupil Agency Survey

Earlier this academic year we asked all our students to take part in a Pupil Agency Survey. This was done during tutor-time and asked students for their opinions and suggestions on a variety of topics.

Pupils Said

  • We feel that there is more focus on the academic rather than pastoral and personal development.

  • We only sometimes have opportunity to raise ideas that are important to us.

  • Methods to express opinions are only partly effective.

  • People who make decision don’t always hear our views and we do not know if they have been acted upon.

We Did

  • Restart the full Student Council to enable representatives from each class to share ideas with each other and the senior leadership team.

  • Launch The Student Ambassadors Programme to support students moving into The Boulevard Academy from Chiltern and St Georges by developing student leadership skills.

  • Further increase careers opportunities in KS3

  • Develop the mechanism for student and staff voice across faculties more frequently. Use the Space, Voice, Audience and Influence methodology.

  • Improve communication through the appropriate channels such as website, social media, MyEd.

Planned from September

  • Increase the number of drop-down days in KS3 to incorporate culture days/ no ICT days/ Collaborative Learning days (Teamwork) etc.

  • Increase coffee mornings/ support workshops, for parental support, such as well-being, safeguarding, EAL, SEND, SLT meet & greet.

  • Pre-plan all surveys to staff, pupils and parents for the next academic year to ensure appropriate coverage of aspects and quicker response to updating stakeholders.

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