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Home Learning

Home Learning Resources

The aim of this section is to provide resources to aid home learning.

The Brilliant Club

The Brilliant Club has been producing free online resources for pupils age 10-18. Experience university-style learning in masterclasses led by subject experts or learn more about university in our information workshops. You can access the resources here:

The Learning Hub

There are also resources on the Pre-16 Learning Hub created by the University of York.  The Learning Hub has been created to help support KS3 and KS4 pupils with their attainment levels. There are some exciting new things for young people to get involved with which they should really enjoy and find beneficial.

Curious Questions

Pocklington School have very kindly allowed us access to their curious questions resources. This summer take the time to find out why we see faces in inanimate objects, is ageing inevitable and why aren’t there more women in STEM roles? Take a look!

Below you will find links that will support with subject specific home learning. Subjects are listed alphabetically including EAL resources.


Student Art Guide

BBC Bitesize

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)


Business TV Channels

Business News

Dragons Den

The Apprentice

The Customer is Always Right

Business Social Media Websites

Two Teachers

Fun and Challenge Activities on the Web



Business Education

BBC Bitesize


Business Websites


Barclays Bank

Computer Science

Username: HU3 3QT
Password: memory8

Computer Science Tutor

OCR Creative iMedia Blog


BBC Bitesize


National Theatre


Games to Learn English

English as Second Language Games



English Mastery

English and Media Centre

Pobble 365

Poetry by Heart


The Children’s Poetry Archive

The Day Newsletter

Mr Bruff YouTube



BBC Bitesize KS3

BBC Bitesize GCSE English Literature



BBC Bitesize GCSE English Language



Spark Notes: Romeo & Juliet

Spark Notes: An Inspector Calls

Spark Notes: A Christmas Carol


Mr Davis English Literature YouTube



BBC Teach


English Resource – My Last Duchess with Miss Cooper and Miss Clayton

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