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High Ability and Gifted & Talented Provision

Our aim at The Boulevard Academy is to ensure quality first teaching and learning supported by an effective programme of enrichment opportunities for the HA cohort, including the Gifted and Talented students of The Boulevard Academy. All pupils have a right to a challenging and appropriate education. If students have abilities beyond the vast majority of their peer group, they need a curriculum that exceeds the expectations of the standard curriculum.


How are students identified as being Gifted and Talented?

In addition to those students who are classified as HA across the Academy, we recognise pupils as Gifted or Talented in the following way:


  • Maths

  • English

  • Science

  • Modern Foreign Languages

  • Computer Science

  • Geography

  • History

  • Business Studies


  • Art

  • Drama

  • Music

  • Photography

  • PE

  • Creative iMedia

Students are nominated to be on the G&T registers by the staff at the Academy who will use a varied data set to inform their decisions.


How does the Academy support Gifted and Talented students?

There are a range of actions for supporting these students. These include:

Educational visits to Universities to encourage participation in Higher Education.

Sampling of medium-term planning to ensure work is being differentiated to challenge higher ability students.

Subject-based visits to increase engagement and give experience of a range of careers.

Intervention by a Learning Mentor and the Gifted & Talented Coordinator in order to ensure progress.

Regular opportunities for students to hone their talent such as art club, music lessons and a range of school sport teams.

Discussions with relevant subject co-ordinators to arrange for differentiation within lessons to allow students to make progress towards extra-curricular awards.


How are these students recognised by the Academy?

To celebrate their success, each student will receive:

  • A congratulatory letter from the Principal explaining that they are now being identified as a G&T student.

  • A badge for the subject(s) in which they are gifted or talented.

  • “Membership” and access to a specific Google Classroom page for each subject’s gifted or talented students.


What if my child isn’t on the Gifted and Talented register?

We are passionately committed to developing every individual child to achieve their full potential.

All students who attend the Academy have a challenging and tailored learning programme that clearly identifies what they have achieved and their future goals.

Every student is actively encouraged to aim high and aspire to more challenging goals, regardless of their ability, and is supported every step of the way.

Where possible, Gifted and Talented visits will be opened up to a range of students as selected by their subject teachers and learning mentors.


“Being Gifted and Talented isn’t about being the first to finish, it is about enjoying the challenge of getting there. Our Gifted and Talented students embrace challenge and extend their learning above anything they expected. Once you love learning, you can go anywhere and do anything.”

Our Gifted and Talented policy can be found on the Policies Page.

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