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Thrive Co-operative Learning Trust

A Thrive school is one that is a dynamic community of staff, pupils and their families all focussed on one thing - inspiring pupils to thrive in life.

This is our mission because we believe that great schools are much more than learning factories. They are transformative places where eyes are opened, support and care is expressed, and personal potential is realised.


How will we achieve this? By working cooperatively and holding fast to the Thrive Charter.

Why Co-operative?

Because we believe that great things happen when people work together.  So when we wanted to set up a multi academy trust in 2016 we looked for schools that were interested in living the cooperative values and principles. We were one of the first MATs to be legally constituted under a cooperative model where we commit ourselves to an ethos based on our globally shared co-operative values and direct engagement of key stakeholders and the local community in governance.


Each Thrive school is a member of the Cooperative Schools Network (CSNET) and linked to wider networks of support across England via other Co-operative Trust schools.


We have devised a Thrive Charter in order to show how we express being a co-operative group of schools.

Thrive Charter

Thrive Mission Statement

Inspiring pupils to thrive in life


Thrive Values

Thrive Co-operative Learning Trust understands thriving to mean learning, and learning to mean growing in knowledge, self-reliance and in responsibility towards others. Achieving this will allow pupils and staff to develop a sense of agency and co-agency, which is the awareness that we are powerful and can affect change, that life is something to be grasped rather than something that happens, and that we have maximum impact when we work together for the common good. This sense of agency plays out at three scales as it affects the future of the individual, their community (local and national), and their planet.


To thrive, pupils and staff need environments that are safe, for equality to be promoted and diversity to be celebrated, and for wellbeing to be valued, nurtured and supported.


  • Because the service we provide is crucial to each pupil’s future life chances, we ensure that we give all pupils the opportunity to thrive, whatever their background or perceived abilities.

  • Because our task is challenging we all strive to grow and develop, and we support each other in this and in developing a good work-life balance.

  • Because thriving happens best where adults provide pupils with a consistency of approach, we need people who will play their part for the greater good of the team.

  • Because we serve our local communities we act as partners in the process of assisting our children to thrive and will work cooperatively to see this happen.

  • Because we are facing a climate crisis we will work towards being an environmentally sustainable organisation and will develop pupil and staff participation in achieving this.

  • Because we are funded with public money we will ensure that we focus our resources on pupils and enable them to thrive.

Please find below the links to the Schools currently in the Thrive Co-operative Learning Trust:

The-Boulevard-Academy Black Circle

If you would like more information on the Thrive Co-operative Learning Trust, including Financial Statements and Articles of Association please following this link



Thrive Co-operative Learning Trust contact details

Head Office: Kelvin Hall School, Bricknell Ave, Hull, HU5 4QH

Tel: 01482 342229


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