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Student Voice

Boulevard Academy - Students

At The Boulevard Academy, students come first and their opinion counts. They are encouraged to be actively involved in school life and are given a voice in all aspects of Academy life including the quality of teaching and learning.

Students are represented at the School Council by their democratically elected peers. Our two Head Prefects from Year 11 along with the Heads of Academy Houses are central to the decision making processes of the Academy.

These roles come with great responsibility. As a Student Leader they are expected to be role models for all other students and to support the Principal and Academy staff in maintaining standards. They are always expected to be punctual, smartly turned out and work hard to achieve their full potential. They are also expected to make themselves available for public duties.

We want to empower our children to take a full and active life in their school. Our students have a voice in regards to Teaching and Learning in order to improve the quality of their learning experience.

The Student Council meets every term to discuss a variety of issues that are important to students. Senior Prefects are also empowered in running the Reward Shop at breaktimes.

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