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Miss K Lindsey – Drama teacher

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Learning Journey

Curriculum Journey

In Years 10 and 11 students begin their BTEC performing Arts course which relies on guided learning hours to complete its three modules; Component one- Exploring the Performing Arts (36 guided learning hours, internally assessed), Component two- Developing Skills and techniques in the Performing Arts (36 guided learning hours, internally assessed) and Component three- Performing to a brief (48 guided learning hours, externally assessed). Lessons in Year 10 focus on both the written element as well as the practical element, completing component one and component two. The skills built during KS3 are used as a base to delve further into more advanced elements of drama. Theatre practitioners and their ethos are introduced, as well as a history of theatre and theatre styles. Pupils will develop their written skills in terms of research, analysis and evaluation. Pupils will also branch out to develop an understanding of theatre roles and responsibilities (both on and off stage) and take ownership for the production of their work, with Schemes of work developed to explore the devising process in its entirety. Lessons in Year 11 focus on a culmination of all the skills students have learnt, and completes component three.

Exam Board

The exam board we use is Pearsons. The course we study is the BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Performing Arts. This is split into three components, as seen below:

Pearsons BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Performing Arts
Component NumberComponent titleGLHLevelHow assessed
1Exploring the Performing Arts361/2Internal
2Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts361/2Internal
3Responding to a Brief481/2Synoptic External

The first two components are marked out of three learning aims each, relevant to the project studied. Component three is marked out of four assessment objectives:

AO1 Understand how to respond to a brief
AO2 Select and develop skills and techniques in response to a brief
AO3 Apply skills and techniques in a workshop performance in response to a brief
AO4 Evaluate the development process and outcome in response to a brief

SMSC in Performing Arts

SMSC in Drama


Extra-curricular activities provided in the performing arts department include:

  • Drama Club KS3 – Monday


There are many options for further study or careers in the performing arts!

Listen to what Joel Harper Jackson, former BTEC Music and Performing Arts student and star of UK tour of Kinky Boots, has to say about his BTEC course.

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