Humanities Staff

Mr C Thor – Lead Teacher of Humanities and Teacher of Geography

Miss J McDonough – Lead Teacher of History

Miss L Willis – Teacher of Humanities

Mr K Killick – Teacher of Humanities

Miss C Laubscher – Teacher of Humanities

Mr A Morrell – Teacher of Humanities

Mr R Navier – Teacher of Humanities

Mr J Shepherd – Teacher of Humanities

Vision and Intent

The overriding intent of humanities at the Boulevard Academy KS3 and KS4 Geography Curriculum is provide an ambitious and broad programme of study. One that promotes student enjoyment and engagement, provides the platform for students to succeed and to exceed expectations. One that ensures every child is valued and encouraged to achieve their potential, and, more importantly, that prepares all students for life in modern Britain, so that they can be aspirational, successful, independent and well – rounded citizens.


Learning Journey

KS3 Learning Journey

KS4 Learning Journey

Geography Topics

7Atlas and map skills, China, Rivers, Tropical Rainforests and Weather and climate (UK and the World)
8Coast, Global development gap, Hot deserts, Resource management and Tectonics (earthquakes and volcanoes)
9Climate change, Ecosystems, Extreme weather (UK and the World), Fieldwork and geographical skills
10The living world, Urban issues and challenges, The changing economic world, Fieldwork enquiry and Physical landscapes in the UK
11The challenge of natural hazards, Physical landscapes in the UK and The challenge of resource management

Exam Board: AQA

(Current year 11) – Three separate papers:

  • Geography paper 1 (Physical Geography) 23/5/22
  • Geography paper 2 (Human Geography) 7/6/22
  • Geography paper 3 (Field Work and Enquiry) 14/6/22

Normal year groups (pre-covid)

  • Geography paper 1 (Physical Geography)
  • Geography paper 2 (Human Geography)
  • Geography paper 3 (Field Work and Enquiry)

SMSC in Geography

Careers in Geography

Useful Geography Links



What’s on the bookshelf?

Greta Thunberg is a name that has shot to the forefront of environmentalism in the past few years. Read all about Greta’s extraordinary life!

The Extraordinary Life of Greta Thunberg (Extraordinary Lives): Jina, Devika, Braun, Petra: 9780241443897: Books


Learning Journey

Learning Journey KS3

Learning Journey KS4

History Topics

7Anglo-Saxon England, The Dark Ages, Norman England, The Middle Ages, The Renaissance period, The Tudors
8The Industrial Revolution, The British Empire, Significant events during the Twentieth Century, World War Two, Local study on Kingston Upon Hull
91920s America, The Holocaust, World War One, Turning points during the Twentieth Century.
10Conflict and tension; The First World War, 1894-1918, Germany 1890-1945 (from democracy to dictatorship).
11Elizabethan England (including historical environment), Britain; Health and the people c100 to the present day.

Exam Board: AQA

(Current year 11) – Three separate papers:

  • History paper 1 (Conflict and Tension) 19/5/22
  • History paper 2 ( Germany and rise of Hitler) 9/6/22
  • History paper 3 (Life in Elizabethan England) 21/6/22

Normal year groups (pre-covid)

  • History paper 1 (Conflict and Tension, Germany and rise of Hitler)
  • History paper 2 ( Life in Elizabethan England, Medicine through time)

SMSC in History

Careers in History

Useful History Links



What’s on the bookshelf?


In Year 7 we learn about the Normans and the lead up to the Battle of Hastings! Why not try Stormin’ Normans from the Horrible Histories series?

Horrible Histories: Stormin' Normans eBook : Deary, Terry: Books

In Year 8 we learn about the British Empire and what saw the fall of it! Pick up The Vile Victorians: Cruel Britannia. 

The Vile Victorians:Cruel Britannia (The Horrible Histories Collection): Terry Deary, Martin Brown: Books


In KS4 we learn about World War I and we highly recommend 1914-1918: The History of the First World War by David Stevenson as this book is amazing at going over key battles and events.

1914-1918: The History of the First World War: Stevenson, David: 8601404316258: Books

In KS4 we also look at the rise of Hitler. Hitler by Ian Kershaw is a fantastic biography about that journey.

Hitler: Kershaw, Ian: 9780141035888: Books

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