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القيادة الطلابية

صوت الطالب

يعد امتلاك صوت ومشاركته بالطريقة الصحيحة جزءًا أساسيًا من الحياة المدرسية. لدينا مجلس الشيوخ لكل منزل من منازلنا. يناقشون القضايا المدرسية ذات الصلة التي أثيرت من الجسم الطلابي ويقترحون الحلول المناسبة. لدينا حاليًا عضوان في برلمان هال الشبابي وأول عمدة شباب على الإطلاق يحضر مجموعة موردي المواد النووية.

القيادة الطلابية

الثقة واحترام الذات من الصفات الأساسية التي نريد أن نرى طلابنا يغادرون المدرسة بها. نقدم أكثر من 20 منصبًا قياديًا مختلفًا داخل المدرسة ولدينا ما يزيد عن 300 طالب يعملون ضمن هذه الأدوار ؛ تزويد المدرسة بالسعة التي تشتد الحاجة إليها عند إقامة الأحداث أو قدوم الزوار إلى المدرسة.

كتيب القيادة الطلابية 2021-2022

Bilocca Crest Logo
Whiteley Crest Logo
Seacole Crest Logo
Turing Crest Logo

The Boulevard Academy believes in the intrinsic value of competition but competition where all students are able to take part.

One of the ways we promote healthy competition is through our house system. We believe the house system offers another opportunity for our students to learn leadership skills as well as giving them a sense of belonging and pride.

Students are allocated a House when they join and stay in that House throughout their time at the Academy. They are encouraged to earn points for their House through their studies and get the chance to take part in regular competitions with the other Houses.

The beauty of the House Systems is that it gives every student, regardless of their ability, the chance to take part in a wide range of activities and in doing so develop their self-esteem.

The current Houses were chosen by the students and wider school community after a vote was taken. Students designed shields for the houses that are now used digitally and around the Academy.

Students chose:


House Bilocca

After Lillian Billoca, the British fisheries worker from Hessle Road who used her patience, assertiveness and initiative to campaign for improved safety in the fishing fleet and her community.


House Seacole

After Mary Seacole, who demonstrated how resilience, strength and kindness can overcome hardship, allowing her to achieve her dream in becoming a nurse and helping wounded soldiers during the Crimean War.

Alan Turing.jpg

House Turing

After Alan Turing, the mathematician/ computer scientist who used his determination, intelligence and hard work to help Britain defeat Fascism in World War Two.


House Whiteley

After Johnny Whiteley, the legendary former Hull FC player who showed how teamwork, motivation and leadership can allow you to reach your goals.

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