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Sveiki atvykę į Niulandą

Welcome to The Boulevard Academy.

Together with our students we aim to create a positive learning culture that is aspirational and supportive. We work together to guide students along their journey to become life-long learners and develop the skills and experiences they need for the future. Staff at The Boulevard Academy work closely with students to identify and realise their ambition. 

We are proud of our students who grasp the opportunities that we provide, we praise and celebrate often and work together with parents, carers and the community for the benefit of our students.  

Staff worked hard to set high expectations of students, and these are set out in our Behaviour Policy and our Home-School Agreement. We expect all parents, students and staff to fully support these policies and we have a strong and experienced ‘relationships team’ to support students at times of need. 

The caring and aspirational culture at The Boulevard Academy comes from the high value placed on the strong relationships between students, staff and parents/carers. We believe that nothing is achieved without effort and that by working together and forming strong relationships there is no limit to what can be achieved.

Our students are guided to develop core values such as respect, kindness and responsibility. These core values are the foundation for developing young people who are equipped to make a positive contribution to our Academy community and the local community.​

It is a privilege to lead The Boulevard Academy and ask that you trust us to provide the education and care that your child deserves. 



Ray Khan

Interim Headteacher

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