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Laisvos darbo vietos

If our students are to achieve at the highest possible level, they need full support both at school and home.

In opting to choose The Boulevard Academy for your child we will look to establish a regular and positive relationship with you and your family and will expect your full cooperation as we seek to provide the right level of support for your child.

They need support to ensure they attend school, complete homework assignments, participate fully in enrichment activities and attend all weekend schools.

We want our students’ families to participate fully in the life of the Academy and to join with us in celebrating their children’s achievements.

We expect parents/carers to attend regular parents’ meetings where they can discuss their child’s progress. We also expect all students to conform to requirements about Academy uniform and to attend the Academy ready and willing to learn.

We will communicate regularly with our students’ families about the life of the Academy in general and most importantly, about the progress and achievements of each student.

Where necessary, we expect parents/carers to attend meetings about their children and to respond positively and proactively to any proposals to help to overcome any barriers to their learning.

These expectations are made clear in a home/Academy agreement that we will expect all parent/carers to sign when the student is admitted to the Academy.

We recognise that some families will need support to ensure that their children can derive full benefit from what the Academy has to offer and are committed to ensuring that this help and support is forthcoming.

Expert home/school liaison officers help families to overcome any barriers to their learning. All students have a designated tutor and year leader who has oversight of their personal care and well-being.

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