Update on School Lunches

Over the course of this week the academy has been involved in the mass testing of students on their re-entry into the academy. The canteen (where the students would normally have lunch) has therefore been used as a ‘holding area’ for those students who await testing , or the results of testing. In order to keep all of our students safe, the canteen has therefore been out of action. We have now completed all first tests for students and no longer require a holding area.

From today onwards the canteen is available for all students to use to eat their lunch if it is raining. Moving forward, no child will be asked to eat outside in poor weather and will be given allocated times to eat lunch in the classroom or in the canteen. It is safer for students to be outside when they remove their face masks. As such, when the weather is suitable for eating outside, we will provide some seating outside in each zone for students comfort. We will review these procedures weekly and again at Easter when the Government will update us. As always, we thank you for your ongoing support in such a difficult time.

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