Transition FAQs

FAQs during COVID-19

We are all aware that the current situation is unprecedented, and that government advice is being updated dependent on the situation at that time.  Please continue to keep updated using our website.

What events are there leading up to transition to the Boulevard Academy?

In these unprecedented times it is difficult to know exactly how transition will work this year. As a city, we have decided that to keep Year 6 students safe, we will not invite students to physically visit secondary school sites until September at the earliest. Instead, we have devised a range of novel and exciting transition activities and competitions, as well as virtual meetings with new teachers, phone calls and ‘first look’ videos of the school in order to give new students an insight into life at their new school. We will be in touch with Primary schools in due course to arrange virtual visits, as we excited to meet our new cohort!

I want to reassure you that any decision that has been taken by our Academy, and the city, has solely the intentions of keeping every student and family in our care as safe as possible in the current climate. With this in mind we will be contacting each of you via telephone over the course of this half term to introduce your child to their new tutor. Your child’s tutor can answer any queries or questions you have regarding your child’s time with us, so please do not hesitate to ask. We will endeavour to make the transition process as smooth and as worry free as possible for you and your child. We will keep you up to date with any further new information on the transition page of our website, please check this regularly.

Where can I get the uniform and what are the expectations for the first day of school?

In the current situation the last thing we want to do is cause undue financial pressures. Therefore, we ask that that students initially attend school wearing black trousers, black shoes and a white shirt. As we know more we will update you with how, and when, we will be asking you to purchase the further Boulevard Academy uniform.

Is there any documentation I need to fill out or read, and where can I find this?

During this half term, you will be sent essential paperwork in the mail, including the home school agreement and the data collection form, alongside a letter that will detail the next steps for completing these forms.

General Transition FAQs

What time does my child need to be at school?

With our current staggered start and finish times, Year 7 are due on site and lined up outside by 9:05 each morning. This may be subject to change if pandemic restrictions lift, in which case all students need to be on site and lined up outside of their tutor rooms at 8:20 each day.

What equipment will my child need?

The basic equipment which your child will need are: pencil case, black pen, green pen, pencil, ruler and rubber. This equipment will be provided to your child during their first week in school by us. Your child will be responsible for looking after their own equipment around school and will need to bring each piece of equipment to every lesson.

What is the school uniform?

We are using a interim uniform policy currently. You can find full details here: Behaviour & Uniform. You will be given a full half term before the standard uniform policy is reinstated. The uniform that students at The Boulevard Academy wear consists of a black blazer embroidered with The Boulevard Academy logo, a black and white striped tie which must be worn at all times, plain black trousers or a black classic style skirt, a plain white long or short sleeved shirt/blouse, white, grey or black socks, and sensible black shoes.

What are the rules on mobile phones?

Your child may bring a mobile telephone to the Academy but their use is not permitted at any time whilst on the premises- devices must remained switched off in the students’ bag at all times. The Academy insurance does not cover loss, damage or theft of personal digital devices. Mobile telephones will be confiscated if students are seen to be using them (or if they are heard during class) and placed in the main office to be collected at the end of the day by the student or parent/carer.

What do I do if my child is ill and going to be absent from school, or falls ill at school?

If your child is ill, please contact the schools attendance team either by telephone, via the My Ed app, or in person (you are always welcome to visit the school office in person.) Absence information must be received by 8.20am every day, or as near to that time as possible.

If for any reason you are unable to give us a telephone call or message on the My Ed app, we do request that you keep your phone with you as the Attendance Team will be attempting to make contact directly with you.

If your child feels unwell during the day they should speak to Miss de Bokx, the Head of Year 7, or go to the front office, who will contact Miss de Bokx. They will speak to your child and ascertain whether it is necessary to contact you.

How do we pay for school dinners?

We use cashless catering at the Boulevard Academy. This allows parents to pay for the meals in one of three ways – ParentPay, Paypoint Card or your child can bring money into school and top up their card on the school’s Reval machines. ParentPay and the lunch menus can be accessed on our My Ed app. In the new academic year , we will be introducing +Pay via the My Ed app which will replace ParentPay. More details will be released in due course.

Your child may opt to bring a packed lunch. All students are required to stay on site throughout the Academy day, including during the 30-minute lunch break. If your child is on free school meals they will continue to be so at the Boulevard Academy.

If students have any dietary needs/allergies please contact Mrs Hird in the catering department.

How can I check what homework my child is set?

In September 2021, we will be moving away from our current system, Show My Homework, to exclusively using Google Classroom. Homework is set on the same days each week. You can view our Homework Policy here.

Where can my child find out about extra-curricular clubs?

We believe that engagement in a wide range of enrichment activities not only gives students a valuable breadth of experience but also helps to achieve greater success in the core GCSE subjects. There will be a range of extra-curricular clubs ran after school each half term. Alongside this, all students will be given the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument.

Your child’s form tutor will give students updated information about the extra-curricular clubs ran at the start of each half term, and this information will be displayed in all form rooms. Timetables will be updated each half term on the My Ed app as well.

My child has SEND, what support can they be offered?

Depending on your child’s SEND need, the SENCo will work with both the student and family to develop support and strategies to not only aid the transition process but to support with the individual’s learning and progress as they start their secondary educational journey.

There will be opportunity to meet with the SENCo to discuss your child’s individual need and devise a plan of support to ensure your child settles well into life at The Boulevard Academy.

There is additional guidance as to The Boulevard Academy’s SEND offer available here: SEND.

Who do I contact if I have any questions or if there are any problems?

You should contact your child’s form tutor in the first instance. The most effective ways of doing this is to telephone or visit the front office, who will pass your query on to the relevant person, who will in turn get in touch with you as soon as they are able to. For more significant questions or concerns please contact Miss de Bokx, the Head of Year 7.