Subject Stars

Each week staff will be able to nominate a subject star! Friday afternoon, this page will be updated to show who are our subject stars this week. Parents and carers will receive a text home to notify you to check this page. Who will be a subject star next week?

Subject Teacher Name Student Name Student Year Reason for nomination
English Miss Laubscher Samantha L 7 Brilliant effort in story writing assessment.
Geography Miss Laubscher Gabriele L 7 Amazing effort in Geography this week.
PE Mrs Janiszewska Amber W 7 Fantastic effort in football lesson.
PE Mrs Janiszewska Arya A 7 Fantastic effort in football lesson.
PSHE Mrs Janiszewska Abbie S 7 Great effort in PSHE lesson this week.
Healthy lifestyles Mrs Janiszewska Cecil J 7 Great effort in Healthy lifestyles this week.
History Mr Navier Caiden Q 7 Brilliant in his history skills lesson this week, very insightful.
Geography Mr Navier Aggie L 7 Fantastic attitude to learning in geography last Friday.
RE Mr Navier Aland H 7 Very respectful and mature in RE this week.
Digital Studies Mr Navier Rylee J 7 A fantastic start to photoshop this week.
Music Mrs Marshall Harley H 7 Excellent behaviour and attitude to learning in Music this week.
Spanish Miss Platts Joshua S 8 Excellent participation in Spanish, keep up the good work!
Maths Miss Howard Harry B 8 Really excelled in recalling previous topics such as angles and percentages.
English Miss Howard Jack B 8 Has really increased pace and quality of work over recent lessons.
English Miss Robson Lexie A 8 Amazing effort with all work.
History Mr Morrell Maddison C 8 Outstanding effort in History this week looking at Hull and its role in WWI. Brilliant work!
English Mr Morrell Jasmine S 8 Continuous high level effort in her English lessons.
Music Mrs Marshall Lyndon O 8 Excellent behaviour and attitude to learning in Music this week.
Digital Studies Mr Horsman Wojciech P 9 Improvement in attitude to learning has been brilliant, keep it up!
Maths Mr Horsman Mitchell C 9 Excellent effort in Maths with a massive improvement in work, well done!
Maths Mrs Hind Toby B 9 Excellent answers in Maths this week  and hard work.
History Miss Mc Donough Amal A 9 Fantastic effort and positive attitude shown in all History lessons.
Music Mrs Marshall Beth B J 9 Great attitude to learning and effort in Music this week.
Geography Mr Thor Ailah – Mae C 10 Outstanding work and attitude to learning. Great note taking and contributed well during class discussions.
Art Miss de Bokx Megija G G 10 Outstanding artist research sheet for pop art.
Photography Mr Horsman Diyar A-M 10 Excellent work in Photography with your artist research, keep it up!
Computer Science Mr Horsman Dmitrijs B 10 Amazing programming work in lessons, keep it up!
Maths Mr Jacklin Alice Q 10 Outstanding effort and attitude in Maths.
Maths Mr Mitchell Lena S 10 Outstanding progress in her maths tests.
Science Mrs Goundrill Aaron H 10 Positive attitude to learning in all lessons and participates well in class discussions
Music Mrs Marshall Elise T 10 Positive attitude to learning in music lessons and positive feedback from her piano teacher as well.
Photography Miss de Bokx Izabela K 11 Outstanding photos taken to use in project, well done!
History Mr Killick Milena C 11 Impressive determination in History.
Combined Science Mr Jacklin Manisha S 11 Working hard to produce good test scores.
Chemistry Mr Jacklin Connor C 11 Working hard to produce good test scores.
English Mrs Lyon Abdi H A 11 Working really hard in all assessments.