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Miss J McDonough – PSHE Lead

PSHE Intent

The PSHE scheme of work provided the Boulevard Academy with an effective curriculum for wellbeing. Our students will be enabled to develop the vocabulary and confidence needed to clearly articulate their thoughts and feelings in a climate of openness, trust and respect, and know when and how they can seek the support of others. They will apply their understanding of society to their interactions from the classroom to the winder community of which our students are a part of. Our PSHE scheme of work supports our Academy’s wider curriculum which supports the active development culture that prioritises physical and mental health and wellbeing, providing young people with skills to evaluate and understand their own wellbeing needs, practice self-care and contribute positively to the world around them.

The Boulevard Academy strongly believes that a successful PSHE education can have a positive impact on every aspect of a young person including their academic development and progress by mitigating any social and emotional barriers to learning and building confidence and self-esteem. Evidence strongly suggested that successful PSHE education also helps disadvantaged and vulnerable children achieve a greater extent by raising aspirations, and empowering them with skills to overcome barriers they may face.

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