The Boulevard Academy opened in September 2013 as a new 11-16 academy. Boulevard was one of the earliest academies to open as part of the government’s free school programme. However, its legal framework and status is the same all other academies, with a funding agreement and articles of association.

Boulevard Academy is currently a single academy trust. As with all academies, the trust has members who are responsible in law for appointing the trustees and receiving the annual externally audited accounts. The academy currently has three members who also provide strategic advice on plans for the long term development of the trust.

There are also eight trustees who are members of the academy’s executive board. In line with all single academy trusts, the trustees are also directors of the trust and fulfil the functions of a school governing body.

It is important that the members keep sufficient separation from the trustees so they can hold the trustees to account. Therefore, while the chair of the executive board is also a member, the other two members are not trustees.

Academies are state funded schools. They are public bodies with not-for-profit charitable status. It is therefore important that, both individually and collectively, members and trustees sign up and adhere to the highest principles of public office (the Nolan Principles). With this in mind, all trustees have signed the code of conduct recommended by the National Governors Association (NGA) and, as a trust board, we have agreed to approve and abide by the principles of the Charity Governance Code. Both of these documents are published in this governance section.

In this section, we publish a message from the members about our vision for the Boulevard Academy Trust. We have also included the names of our members and trustees, together with key documents that give further details of the trust’s governance structure and way of working, including all governance related statutory documents the trust is required to publish.

This section is regularly reviewed and updated. We welcome any further suggestions about how to make information about Academy governance more transparent and easier to understand.