GCSE Results Day 2022 – Best Ever External Results

Our students have worked incredibly hard over the last few years under very difficult circumstances
and today we celebrate that with their successes. As an academy we have achieved 66.3% Grade 4
and above in English and Maths, an increase from 39.4% in 2019. Additionally, the students achieved
39% Grade 5 and above in English and Maths, and increase from 16.9% in 2019, with EBacc grades
that rival current National projections. This is a significant increase on our last set of examined data
in 2019 and an improvement in the TAG from 2021. Attainment of students at The Boulevard
Academy has also improved from 37.48 in 2019 to 46.22 this year – well done Year 11!

Students, staff and parents enjoyed a positive and celebratory atmosphere in school this morning.
Josh Hamilton told us he was shocked, ‘I didn’t think I’d done so well after a challenging few years,
thanks so much to my Mum and teachers for all of their support.’ After starting school later than
other students, Chelsea Ezeagba was very happy with the extra support she’d received, ‘My
intervention and revision sessions helped me to achieve 3 grade 9s, I’m so happy.’ Madison Murrey
commented on the personalised support she was able to gain at The Boulevard Academy, ‘I got so
much extra support that I know my friends at other schools were unable to access.’ Ruby Ellerby will
be celebrating with her family tonight, ‘A big thank you to my head of year and subject teachers, I’m
really pleased with my results.’ Many students, such as Aaron, Amber and Michael were delighted to
be going on to their chosen post-16 destinations.

We are immensely proud of both our students and staff and want to thank the entire school
community and neighbourhood for their support of our young people. We look forward to our
school expansion and the extension of the opportunities that this will offer our students.

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