Behaviour & Uniform

Students are encouraged to develop self-discipline, demonstrate acceptable behaviour and show tolerance and respect to others all the time.

We believe that promoting good behaviour is the responsibility of all members of the Academy’s community, including students, teachers and parents.

One of the ways in which we promote the right standards and behaviour is through our uniform policy. The Governors, Staff and Students of The Boulevard Academy believe that uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of The Academy and helps to promote a good working environment.

Students are expected to arrive at the Academy and leave the premises in full school uniform.

Uniform Policy Update December 2021

Please read and adhere to the updated uniform policy from January 2022: Uniform Policy

Highlights summarised below:

  • BLAZER: At the request of several parents and the student council, the Boulevard Academy blazer, embroidered with The Boulevard Academy logo, can be worn in school from January 2022. All parents are invited to contact our uniform provider to purchase one. The blazer is not compulsory and children wishing to wear a black or grey jumper as an alternative are permitted to do so. Blazers will be loaned to children that do not own one if for an Academy photograph.
  • TIE: Black/White striped tie must be worn at all times. This can be obtained from our uniform provider but all children will be provided their first tie free of charge by the Academy.
  • SKIRT: Skirts are to remain suspended during the current Academy year. We will consult with parents and students at the end of the academic year 2021/22 to determine our position on skirts in future years.

Uniform for Year 11 (as above but with the following amendments)
We recognise that year 11 is an important time for students as they begin to prepare for the next stage of their adult life. As such, the following additions are being made to the uniform policy for year 11 students only. Other year groups will reach year 11 in time and so students in earlier year groups will be permitted some of the alterations to the policy that year 11 brings:

  • JEWELLERY: One small discreet stud may be worn in each ear. One Facial piercing is also permitted but only those that are plain metallic studs. Nose rings are not permitted and students will be expected to remove them under all circumstances for health and safety reasons. All facial piercings will still need to be removed for PE lessons. Chains, bracelets, and rings can also be worn.
  • MAKE-UP & NAILS: Subtle facial make-up can be worn. Nail varnish if worn should be in line with professional business dress so extreme bright colours are not permitted.

If you require any support or will have any trouble paying for uniform please contact the school and ask to speak to your child’s Head of Year.

The Boulevard Academy is committed to supporting all of our students. If you are experiencing financial hardship please do speak to the student’s Head of Year and we will do our very best to support you.

Copies of our Behaviour and Uniform policies are available on the policies page.