The curriculum at The Boulevard Academy has been planned with our RESPECT core values at the foundation of everything we do. Staff within individual departments plan work that encompasses these values as we strive to produce strong, well-rounded citizens, who have developed the key skills to allow them to succeed in life.

Our academic curriculum has been designed to allow students the prospect to engage with active learning to study an ambitious and broad curriculum for as long as possible, while providing opportunity to find enjoyment within the curriculum they are studying. Through the wider curriculum and enrichment offered by the academy we are preparing them for a life in modern Britain.

The academy has 3 Principles that we abide by through our curriculum planning:

  1. Educate students with the life skills required to succeed and exceed expectations
  2. Every child is valued and encouraged to be the best they can be.
  3. Provide the best opportunities and support is at the heart of everything we do.

Through our tutor programme we look at teaching metacognition and learning to learn skills to enable our students to access the curriculum effectively. We also ensure opportunity for reading occurs in each year group, with accelerated reader being used in Y7-9.

In Year 9, our Gateway year, we look to ensure that students have the opportunity to try different courses before making final option choices to formally begin in Y10. This is also completed at different times within the year depending on whether they are ready to access the foundation topics for GCSE or whether they need more time on the KS3 curriculum to build and further develop the necessary skills for GCSE success.

Now that the building extension is being built we can increase the breadth of our curriculum offer by incorporating Technologies for the first time in the academy’s history as well as having dedicated peripatetic rooms for the learning of music enabling more students to learn an instrument.

Through accessing external accreditation for aspects of our wider curriculum such as:

we are able to plan for the whole child as well as the pertinent issues that frequently impact our cohort.

TBA Curriculum Overview 2021-2022


Promoting Fundamental British Values at The Boulevard Academy

The Boulevard Academy is committed to serve our community of learners and staff. We believe that an appreciation and understanding of the multi-cultural, multi-faith and everchanging nature of the United Kingdom is key to fostering a learning and working environment rooted in respect for everybody. We understand and acknowledge our role in ensuring groups of individuals are not subjected to any form of discrimination, intimidation or radicalisation by those wishing to unduly or illegally influence them.

The Boulevard academy accepts admissions from all those who are entitled to education within British law, including students of all faith or none. We aim to consistently promote equal opportunities and work to actively eradicate incidents of discrimination against individuals or groups regardless of faith, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, political views or financial status.

Within all areas of the academy curriculum, we actively promote students spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development.

The Boulevard Academy SMSC Statement