Subject Stars

Each week staff will be able to nominate a subject star! Friday afternoon, this page will be updated to show who are our subject stars this week. Parents and carers will receive a text home to notify you to check this page. Who will be a subject star next week?

Subject Teacher Name Student Name Student Year Reason for nomination
Spanish Miss Platts Jack R 7 Excellent effort and participation in Spanish, well done!
English Miss Wright Gabriele L 7 Works hard every lesson, produces fantastic work and has an excellent attitude to learning.
Music Mrs Marshall Jay B 7 Great contribution and engagement in his music lesson this week.
English Miss Laubscher Jakub K 7 Consistent great effort in English.
English Miss Robson Cara D 8 Excellent effort and engagement.
English Miss Howard Jakub H 8 Really enthusiastic in learning about Shakespeare.
Maths Miss Howard Ali J S 8 Worked really hard in blue assessment book.
Maths Mr Kelsey Michal S 8 Great effort and enthusiasm in Maths.
Maths Mr Krebs Mohamad A 8 Great effort and attitude in lessons, contributed to the lessons extremely well.
Music Mrs Marshall Youness M 8 Great attitude to learning in music lessons since returning to school.
English Miss Bencikova Maral Z 8 Effort, engagement and quality of work has been a high standard in every lesson, keep it up!
Spanish Miss Hoyles Megan R 8 Excellent effort in Spanish lesson.
History Mr Morrell Florina H 8 Excellent effort and engagement in History.
English Mr Morrell Maleek B 8 Excellent effort and engagement in English.
RE Mr Morrell Jozef M 8 Excellent effort and engagement in RE.
Spanish Mr Ridgway Thamer K 9 Great effort and attitude in lessons this week.
English Ms Michaels Rameen B 9 For fabulous engagement during a class discussion.
Science Mrs Morrison Asha M A 9 Excellent effort in science revision lessons.
Digital Studies Mr Horsman Veronica C P L 9 Great experimentation when using Photoshop for the first time creating a great end product!
Maths Mr Horsman Keiran S 9 Great progress and attitude to learning in Maths this week when faced with tricking assessments, keep it up!
HIstory Mr Killick Bethany B J 9 Great preparation for your upcoming assessment.
Maths Mr Stevens Annabella B 9 Excellent focus in all lessons and just excellent overall in all aspects of your Maths.
Music Mrs Marshall Bailey O 9 Great contribution and engagement in his music lesson this week.
Maths Mrs Hind Sanmar S 9 Excellent focus in all lessons and just excellent overall in all aspects of your Maths.
PE Miss Megeary Fleur D B 9 Brilliant in rugby.
Maths Miss Bencikova Kamil W 9 Always working hard in lessons and eager to push himself to better.
PE Miss Adams Richards Damitu B 9 Fantastic effort!
Maths Mr Jacklin Aaron H 10 Hard work and effort in rearranging equations.
Computer Science Mr Horsman Christine C 10 Amazing progress in your Python Programming booklet, keep it up!
Photography Mr Horsman Diyar A M 10 Great use of Photoshop to create professional and effective Alphabet Art!
BTEC Sport Mr Williams T.J W 10 Excellent work on his assignment.
History Miss Mc Donough Nkemjika O 10 Fantastic attention to learning shown in all History lessons.
Music Mrs Marshall Laura H 10 Great attitude to learning in all Music lessons.
Art Miss de Bokx Krystian S 10 Creating a great Pop Art research sheet.
Maths Mr Mitchell Chelsea E 10 Consistently reaching and surpassing targets whilst helping others to succeed.
English Mrs Lyon Emily G 11 Really worked hard on her assessment.
Combined Science Mr Jacklin Gemma P 11 Hard work and effort in correcting exam questions.
Separate Science Mr Jacklin Paige T 11 Excellent discussion around the Chemistry of lemons.
Spanish Miss Louth Tyler L 11 Really good effort in writing exam.
iMedia Mr Horsman Zuzanna P 11 Brilliant example of a mind map exam question in your iMedia lesson!
Music Mrs Hamer Milly A 11 Good effort in completing her Unit 5 coursework.
Photography Miss de Bokx Katelyn W 11 Completing some brilliant photography edits.