Subject Stars

Each week staff will be able to nominate a subject star! Friday afternoon, this page will be updated to show who are our subject stars this week. Parents and carers will receive a text home to notify you to check this page. Who will be a subject star next week?!


Subject Teacher Name Student Name Student Year Reason for nomination
English Miss Wright Armando 7 Fantastic attitude in all lessons, incredible work and excellent contributions.
Music Miss Windle Nikita 7 Great participation in Music.
Drama Miss Windle Cecil 7 Very enthusiastic in Drama.
Geography Miss Laubscher George 7 Brilliant work on 6 figure grid references.
Maths Miss Chapman Sara 7 Positive attitude to work and the subject. Well done, Sara. Keep up the good work.
Science Miss Thomas Trent 7 Excellent work and effort in science lessons.
EAL EAL Department Teachers Alexandru 8 Translating for new starter and explaining when she is needed to attend school, to both the child and the family.
English Miss Robson Lauren 8 Excellent effort and attitude in English.
Music Miss Windle Danil 8 Great assessment piece on garage band.
Maths Miss Howard Cameron 8 For trying hard in your test and working independently in all lessons.
English Miss Howard Kingston-Blu 8 Excellent presentation and attention to detail in your writing book.
Digital Studies Mr Mills Lyndon 8 Good attitude towards helping others in lesson.
PE Miss Lidster Martyna 9 Excellent effort and attitude in Netball this half term.
Spanish Mr Ridgway Alfie 9 Awesome effort in lessons and assessments.
Science Mrs Morrison Emily 9 Fantastic effort and contribution in science.
Digital Studies Mr Horsman Wiktor 9 Outstanding effort in games design!
Music Mrs Marshall Kacey 9 Excellent performance skills in Music. Great effort in preparing for your music assessment, using your own time at home to perfect your piece.
History Mr Killick Ronya 10 Excellent approach to the mock week.
Maths Mr Kelsey Izabela 10 Superb effort in fraction problem solving.
Science Mrs Goundrill Arda 10 Excellent effort and a positive attitude in all science lessons.
English Mrs Lyon Jake 10 Fantastic writing skills.
Science Mr Nicholson Lea 10 Excellent attitude after returning from absence. Always works hard.
Art Miss de Bokx Lucy 10 Outstanding charcoal drawing in art.
Computer Science Mr Horsman Skaiste 10 Hitting the ground running in Computer Science, great stuff!
iMedia Mr Horsman Narden 10 Amazing work in and outside of lesson, keep it up!
iMedia Mr Mills Trinity 10 Great work in iMedia, keep it up!
BTEC Sport Mr Feasey Charlie 10 Excellent assignment work.
Spanish Miss Louth Christopher 11 For getting full marks in his listening baseline assessment!
Photography Miss de Bokx Hussain 11 Outstanding photography editing work.
Computer Science Mr Mills Tyler 11 Great work and effort in intervention! Well done.
Maths Mr Mitchell Nela 11 Consistently working hard and excellent contribution in lessons.
Combined Science Mr Jacklin Danielle 11 Fantastic attitude and effort in revising for Science exams.
Biology Mr Jacklin Paige 11 Making a committed effort to improve upon grades from last year.
Chemistry Mr Jacklin Evie 11 Knowledge above and beyond what is required showing wider reading.
Physics Mr Jacklin Connor 11 Knowledge above and beyond what is required showing wider reading.
English Miss Clayton Liberty 11 Fantastic effort and attitude to learning in English.
Maths Mr Capewell Joanna 11 For excellent effort in recent assessment.
English Miss Cooper Paige 11 For excellent commitment and effort in English lessons.