The Boulevard Academy believes in the intrinsic value of competition but competition where all students are able to take part.

One of the ways we promote healthy competition is through our house system. We believe the house system offers another opportunity for our students to learn leadership skills as well as giving them a sense of belonging and pride.

Students are allocated a House when they join and stay in that House throughout their time at the Academy. They are encouraged to earn points for their House through their studies and get the chance to take part in regular competitions with the other Houses.

The beauty of the House Systems is that it gives every student, regardless of their ability, the chance to take part in a wide range of activities and in doing so develop their self-esteem.

The names for the Houses were chosen with the help of the students who worked in teams to suggest and present ideas before a vote was taken.

Students chose:

Elwell after the artist Fred Elwell to represent the creative aspect of learning.


Venn after the Hull-born mathematician John Venn.


Ferens after Thomas Ferens, the founder of Reckitt & Sons to represent Science.

Larkin after poet Phillip Larkin to represent Literacy.


Whitely, after Johnny Whiteley, the legendary former Hull FC player to represent sport and physical activity.