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In order for your child’s achievement and attendance we do request the following.

If your child is too ill to attend or requires medical attention, please do understand the importance of the Attendance Teams attempts to contact you. This is in order for the Academy to be secure in the knowledge that your child is indeed safe with you and has not suffered a possible mishap on the way to the Academy.

The Attendance Team will expect information in regards to every days absence, either by telephone or from the parent/carer in person. (You are always welcome to visit the school office in person.) Absence information must be received by 8.20am every day, or as near to that time as possible. Siblings are not permitted to explain absences, we require absence details from parents and carers only please.

If for any reason you are unable to make the telephone call to the Academy (For example – Anyone’s mobile phone credit can unexpectedly run low) we do request that you keep your phone with you as the Attendance Team will be making attempts to make contact directly with you.

If the Attendance Team are unable to contact you by telephone a home visit will always be necessary. (This will always result in a follow up meeting, here at the Academy, in order to check that all of the contact numbers we hold are indeed correct and up-to-date. In order to secure safeguarding.)

The above process is followed for every absence in order to be secure in the knowledge that if your child is not safe here at the Academy, we can be confident that your child is indeed safe at home with you.

Every school day counts.

Find out more by downloading our attendance information sheet.

I have been working in secondary schools for the past 7 years and what I love most is seeing the difference from the shy 11 year olds that join us in year 7, develop into confident young adults when they leave in year 11.
Mrs. K. Jude,
Student Services Manager